This site is designed to answer basic questions
related to the activation of kundalini energy, and
introduce you to Bonnie Greenwell, a non-dual
teacher experienced in both yogic and Buddhist
spiritual traditions, and a transpersonal
psychotherapist with more than
25 years experience in helping
people navigate the spiritual
emergence process.                                                                               Ashland, Oregon

She is available by email or for                      phone consultations and also offers satsang and special events.

Bonnie was given dharma transmission in 2004 by the progressive Zen master Adyashanti. She is known as a therapist, author and scholar for her research into kundalini awakening, and was a founder and director of the Kundalini Research Network. She authored the book Energies of Transformation: A Guide to the Kundalini Process, published in five languages, and has lectured and trained therapists internationally to work with kundalini awakening and other spiritual processes.
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Thank you for your interest in this site. May you and all beings awaken to your full potential for peace, happiness and presence.

               Bonnie Greenwell, Ph.D., located in Santa Cruz, California and Ashland, Oregon.
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