First sit in a comfortable chair, feel your feet on the ground, your hands in your lap and your body on the chair. Be present and aware of the here and now of your location and body. Look around the room and become very present there. 

Take a few deep breaths and as you exhale feel the connection your body has with the floor and the earth beneath it.  Feel your arms touching whatever they are resting on.  Have your palms either up or down, whatever is most comfortable.

Be aware of the clothes touching your body and the air on your skin. 

Be aware of any sounds outside, letting them flow past in the background. They are part of this moment in time.

Be aware of the slight movement of your body as you breathe. Follow and count the breaths for 10  breaths.  Notice the feeling of the air as it moves into your nostrils as you breathe.

Move awareness internally and scan the body to see what sensations are arising and falling.  Don't try to change anything, just include it.

Then bring awareness to the base of the spine.
Imagine a thin string of light moving from the center of the base and up the spine.  It is soft and fluid and gentle.  It moves up as you inhale and down as you exhale.  

If you wish imagine this string becoming wider and wider, into the size of a thread, or a transparent tube, until it is wide enough that any movement of energy feels comfortable and able to move with ease. As the space widens you may feel a slight bliss or tingling in the body. If energy is in the head you can imagine it moving down this tube into the heart or belly.  Notice that energy follows your attention so if your head is too uncomfortable move the energy below the neck somewhere that feels intuitively right for you.

Notice awareness is simply observing this energy, and turn attention to the awareness itself.  What is this presence that is simply here observing all the aspects of your inner body and all the aspects of the outer world holding it?  Sit for a short time (however long you wish) in this relaxation.  

Before getting up reaffirm the sense of your body being held in the chair and your feet on the floor.  Open your eyes gently and softly and notice how awareness looks around the room.  Allow yourself to relax completely as you sit there with eyes open. See how your body wants to move before jumping to any thoughts for guidance.   Get up and do whatever you wish to do with your day.