Links for people looking for more information about Kundalini or non-dual spiritual traditions:


Kundalini Information & Assessment: Bonnie Greenwell's kundalini site

Kundalini: listings of various kundalini sites on the web:

Lawrence Edwards Ph.D., NY psychologist with kundalini expertise:

Patanjali Kundalini Yoga Care & Dr. Joan Harrigan & great kundalini books:

Spiritual Emergence Service of Canada:

Chinese Healing Qigong Master:

Shared Transformation: articles and newsletters published by Ellie Collie about many phenomena related to kundalini awakening:


Adyashanti, a remarkable, contemporary, self-realized teacher from the Zen tradition:

Advaita vision -- interviews and teachings:

Assn. of Transpersonal Psychology:

Buddha at the Gas Pump  Podcast interviews with spiritual teachers from Youtube programs

Eckhart Tolle, a modern self-realized teacher:

Gangaji, an inspired and awakened American Advaita Vedanta teacher:

Inner Directions Foundation for the study of Advaita and Non-Dual traditions:

Interviews, resources and great book recommendations for self-realization:

Mt. Madonna Center, to learn classical Ashtanga Yoga and meet a realized teacher:

Nonduality Salon, resources for the NonDual traditions:

Ramana Maharshi home site

Ramana Maharshi, excerpts from the teachings of a great Indian saint:

Richard Miller Ph.D., yogi and non-dual teacher with training program called Integrative Restoration, based on Yoga Nidra practices.

Rupert Spira, a non-dual sage and ceramic artist from London.   

Science and Nonduality, an organization that holds conferences and retreats with non-dual speakers and scientists in the U.S. and Europe, 

Stephan Bodian, Nondual teacher and author with extensive Zen background, and connections with Jean Klein and Adyashanti.


Contact list of non-dual teachers: